Wedding planning on your terms.

Wildly Loved offers a non-traditional alternative to traditional wedding planning, helping you build an event that is uniquely you and 100% yours. 

Uniquely you.
Personally curated.

Who am I?

I’m told this is where I describe… me and what I do. Eeeek! Here's the deal, I can't tell you how many times I have tried to come up with the perfect description of what I do, but it all seems to fall short.


Kind of. I do vet vendors for you and find that perfect fit for your personality, look, and budget!

Wedding Coach...

Sort of. I do help you lose the noise of everyone's input and opinions, which frankly, is just too damn overwhelming and confusing sometimes!

Trouble Shooter...

Close. I do help you fit the pieces together that you are having trouble synchronizing. The parts where you just aren't sure or don’t feel quite right!

You see the trouble I'm having here?!? Sooo, let's just say I'm your wedding Swiss Army Knife!  You may need help finding a specific vendor or vendors in your style and budget. You may have a vendor in mind but they aren't in your budget or are already booked. You may be doing a lot of DIY but want to outsource some things. You may be looking for vendors that are welcoming, inclusive, safe, and supportive.

I'm Jenna and I get you the wedding you actually want.

I'm here with kindness, guidance, and some real honest talk when you need it, helping you through your journey of overwhelming options, opinions, and pressures.

a wedding that is truly yours.
a wedding that's wildly loved.

Wildly Loved is dedicated to ensuring each couple is 100% respected and celebrated equally, regardless of their beliefs, religious practices, skin color, ethnicity, heritage, the body they have, the support needs they require, who they love, or how they identify. I'm here to support each couple and client, showing up for them in the ways they need most without judgement and I believe that every person deserves love on their day and every day. 

A love statement